Food To Brag About

We love to take pride in making sure that our food its health conscience to the needs of the African american community.

Fine Brothers

We have some of the most professional chefs in the world who cook at our events that will boast about their culinary skills.

Food that will inspire

The food at our event is not your typical mac&cheese we love to serve you food that will excite your taste buds in a new fashion than ever before.

Chef Brad “The Grill Sargent” Turner

Chef Brad “The Grill Sargent” Turner

Chef Mookie Hicks

Chef Mookie Hicks

Ausar “Ra Ankh” Amen

Ausar “Ra Ankh” Amen

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"This was a great experience. Never have I been in a venue where the brothers shined in their hospitality, ethos and warmth. They opened up their kitchens and their hearts. I can’t wait until I can get back this way again"

− Chef Marc Bynum (winner of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’)

"I may not be a brother who can cook, but we are sisters who can eat.” Lisa Robinson and Kate Amara, WBAL Channel 11, Baltimore"

− Chef Mookie Hicks (Winner of Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle)

"As the culinary hype man and team Captain, I bring the noise. It’s my job to get all our chefs fired up. This isn’t even close to being a hip-hop event, but I will show you how to keep it turned up!"

− Celebrity Hip Hop Chef Cookin’ Tye


We are expanding onto social platforms to reach more people with a branded, highly recognized source of culinary information.

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We are creating intimate, interactive events with your favorite Bwcc chefs. These events are filled with food, music, single chef auctions and much more.

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In 2015, we are establishing our chefs to class programs in Baltimore, MD and Richmond, VA. Our Chefs will bring a consistent and frequent message to students.

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